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"If you wait long enough,

life will undo your certainty." 


More Cow Bell!

My brother is crushing it on #MilesforMollie.

Today he ran 13.1 miles in the MO COW BELL RACE in St. Charles, MO. And he had the most adorable cheering section ever! He actually ran an entire marathon this week, because his training runs totaled 13.4 miles, putting him at 26 ½ for the week, with a total of 57 ½ so far! Stay tuned for more opportunities to support Matt as he runs for his thousand miles.

And if you missed the update last week, we are more than halfway to our financial goal! We still need your help though – don’t forget to hit the big donate button if you haven’t already.

I learned a lesson this week about conserving to go further. For the first time ever I was willing to use a scooter to get around the Mandalay Bay hotel during a conference. What I found was, not spending time and energy between meetings actually left me more energy and time for the meetings themselves, and got me home with energy to spare so that I could get some mileage in. I am up to 10.3 miles in the first 14 days, so I’ll count that is not too bad.

And stay tuned for another #MilewithMollie interview from my recent travels coming up soon!


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