Unshakable optimism

"If you wait long enough,

life will undo your certainty." 



As you all know by now, part of the HR Gives Back effort this year includes my commitment to traverse 365 miles in 365 days. But as I go through this journey, I know I’m not alone. I mean literally, not alone. You see, when I announced this plan, my friend Jennifer sent me a note asking if we could get together during HR Tech because she wanted to do a #MileWithMollie. My reptilian marketer brain seized on the alliteration and I knew we had something.

With Jennifer’s inspiration, as I travel throughout the year, I will be joined by friends and colleagues to walk, bike, or shuffle a #MileWithMollie. And as we do, I’ll be interviewing each one along the way. We will talk about work, jobs, and hopefully learn a little something about someone we didn’t know before. Even though the official start of my 365 in 365 is not until September 23, it seemed only fitting to start off this blog series with Jennifer. Stay tuned for other guests, including a special surprise guest on Sunday the 23rd!


#MileWithMollie 1 – Walked with Jennifer Brafman Staffen in the halls of the Venetian and Palazzo casino complex in Las Vegas, September 12, 2018

(Note: if you want to donate in support of Jennifer, click here)

What company do you work for? Ultimate Software

What do you do there? I’m the Sr Analyst Relations Manager, but I’ve also held many different technical roles at Ultimate in my 14+ years. One of the things I love about working here is the chance to develop myself continuously.

Where do you mostly work – office, home office, on the road? When I am not traveling for work, I love being in the office with my #UltiPeeps, but Ultimate is so flexible, so I if I need to work from home, I can!

What was your very first job? I rented chairs and umbrellas to people at the beach in Fort Lauderdale... I’m not sure I even got paid, but was great for meeting people and sharing my love for my city!

What was your worst or strangest job? I was a cashier at a record store in the mid-80s. It was very interesting people-watching, for sure! I also love music, so it was a fun experience.

Is there another profession you would have liked to pursue? Nope! I found my absolute perfect profession for my personality... but, when I retire, I might think about becoming a vinyasa yoga instructor.

Last book you read? Girl on a Train. It was a good read, but frustrating and a bit predictable.

Who or what was the subject of the most recent photo on your phone? My 7-year old daughter, Bella! Most recent photo and the 14,000 before that one... she’s my passion and my everything (her dad comes in a close second).

What question do you have for Mollie? “Have you started your Parkinson’s blog yet?” You have SO much knowledge and insight to give to others, so I am going to hold you accountable! You will be able to inspire so many more people than you already do now, once you share your stories more broadly!

Thank you, Jen, for starting this great series. And yes, I’ve started my Parkinson’s blog. You are reading it now! Unshakable Optimism will be hosted here on the HR Gives Back site throughout the 365 challenge! Join me back here on Sunday the 23rd to kick off 365 in 365 and meet our special Mile With Mollie guest.


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