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Over the past three years, the HR Gives Back community has raised over $100,000 during our annual HR Gives Back events. But I, and millions like me, fight Parkinson's every day of the year.


Beginning on September 23, 2018 – the fifth anniversary of my own diagnosis with Parkinson’s disease – I am committing to the 365 in 365 challenge.


I will be:

  • walking

  • biking

  • moonwalking

...and otherwise propelling my body 365 miles in 365 days, while seeking 365 people to donate $47 each.


Why $47?


It is the cost of my current drug regimen if I did not have insurance. The goal is to donate a year of my treatment towards finding a cure.

There are three ways to support me:

  1. Donate - be one of the 365!

  2. Start your own 365 Challenge

  3. Follow me on my journey on Instagram or Twitter

Thank you,

Mollie Lombardi

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